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Introducing Uniarch 2MP 4MP Fixed-Lens Network Cameras

Uniarch 2/4MP bullet and turret network camera has been released on October. It was born for retail and distribution market, which is the most cost-effective choice of network camera. 

You can choose the one according to your needs: 2MP or 4MP resolution, bullet or turret appearance, 2.8mm or 4.0mm lens... Is there any other special about it? 


Reliable hardware design

The 2/4MP bullet and turret network camera supports IP67 which was regulated by International Electro-technical Commission (IEC) to classify the ability of water and dust resistance. The first digit means the level of dust resistance is the highest. The second digit means the level of water resistance and the devices can be submerged in up to one meter of fresh water for half an hour. In this way, the camera can be installed outdoor with various climate.


Flexible software

The 2/4MP bullet and turret network camera follows the exclusive technology PixelSense, which innovates day and night change detection and provides highly sensitive IR trigger. Compared to the devices that detect day & night change by Photo-resistor and Photo-diode, PixelSense can intelligently calculate the illumination of the image scene to more accurately perceive the day and night changes, and triggers IR cut more promptly, regardless of the installation environment.

High quality images

Equipped with smart IR, high quality images are provided even under darkness. Smart IR can automatically balance the brightness of the image to avoid overexposure by software. With this technology, it is possible to catch the details of images under darkness. 


Big value in various scenarios

The 2/4MP turret network camera can be used in the coffee shops to monitor every corner. In the event of theft or loss, the playback can be viewed and contribute to trace the theft or loss. The 2/4MP bullet network camera can be used in outdoor scenarios like courtyard to secure the safety of the house without fear of extreme weather conditions.