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Uniarch E Series Network Video Recorder

Behind the cameras you can see, several NVRs cooperate with them in order to store video resources. Uniarch published the new E series NVR products. Three kinds of NVR are released this time and you can choose one as you need: 4 and 8 channels with PoE and 16 channels without PoE. All of them support one hard disk up to 1×4K@30 fps decoding capability, so they can support various requirements with highest cost efficiency. The impressive features are as follow:


Powerful Compatibility

The E series NVR are able to connect with IPC from any manufacturers. IPC of other brands can be searched and added automatically even under different network segments as well. The NVR supports to modify the following parameters: IP address, encoding parameters, image parameters, OSD and so on. No matter what IPC is used, E series NVR are able to manage and record.


Add the IPC without complex steps

The E series NVR can modify the IP address automatically after the IPC is plugged. The IPC with PoE can directly connect with NVR supported PoE, such as NVR-104E-P4 or NVR-108E-P8 to realize plug and play. Otherwise, if you choose the NVR without PoE, a switch supported PoE power supply can solve the problem. Based on this function, users are able to get started quickly!

Higher efficiency

What if the special part of video is needed and how to find it? Smart searching function has been designed. NVR can classify recordings as the event or the normal. Different speed is applied on playback, for example, normal speed on event recodings and 16 times faster on normal recordings, which reduces the time spending on searching recordings. Besides, the user interface is simplified, making the NVR easier to find required parts. Even customers who never use surveillance devices before can learn to use them easily.